Best Book of the Month: A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander

Wow! This month I stopped reading as many books as I followed through and finished. I have so many books on my shelves and my “want to read” list, that I just can’t bring myself to spend time finishing a book that doesn’t grab me or speak to me in some way. One novel, I read past page 100 before I had the good sense to realize, This is not doing a thing for me.

That said, the books I did finish grabbed me by the throat, or the brain, or the heart, and hung on until the very last word. Any book on this month’s list is worth reading.

However, if you can only read one, my recommendation is A Poison
by Tasha Alexander
. Alexander’s Victorian mysteries keep me turning the pages. The main character, Lady Emily Ashton, is an interesting, independent, and imperfect individual. I enjoy journeying with her. The mystery—the theft of Marie Antoinette artifacts—plays with history and her characters hearts. I highly recommend it. (Just be prepared to stay up a little bit later than usual some nights until you’re done!)