Setting Postage Stamp: Reading Response Exercise #82


Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes.


Think about what you have read. Where was a key scene in your story set? On a piece of scratch paper, jot down some details about this setting.

Draw or Create a Collage:

Postage stamps feature many subjects: people, places, feelings, things, and symbols. Draw or make a collage designed to fit on a postage stamp depicting the setting for which you’ve made notes.


Show your reading partners the pictures you’ve made. What can you tell about each other’s books from the setting “postage stamps”? After talking with your partners, what do you think you could have included on your “postage stamp” that would have given them an even better idea of what your book was about?

Preschool Literacy


Enjoy a picture book with your preschooler.


When done, talk about where the story took place.

Draw or Create a Collage:

Get out some paper and crayons or markers, or magazines to cut up and glue. Make a picture together that depicts the setting you discussed.