Poem a Day Challenge: Play With Your Words Poetry Prompt #21

April is National Poetry Month and Writer’s Digest is running a “poem a day” challenge. Below is the prompt, crafted by Robert Lee Brewer, for the first day of April:

“Write a communication poem. The communication could be dialogue between two (or more people); a postcard correspondence; a letter; a voicemail; a text message; a series of tweets; or whatever. Heck, I guess a poem is a form of communication–so there’s really no way to screw up today’s prompt (outside of writing nothing at all). Let’s get this party started!”


Decide who will be communicating with whom in your communication poem. Consider the individuals’ personalities, needs, and desires. What is it they, or one of them, hopes to achieve through this dialogue? Determine what form their communication will take. Brainstorm words of phrases that might be typical of each individual.


Write your poem. It could be formal rhymed verse, some form of patterned poem or free verse.

As you write the dialogue remember these standard patterns of dialogue punctuation:

  • “Talking,” tag/said name of speaker.
  • Name of speaker tag/said, “Talking.”
  • “Talking,” tag/said name of speaker, “talking.”

Punctuation at the end of a quote always fits within the quotation marks.


When done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners or share it here as a comment. Observe the uniqueness of each speaker/individual’s voice. Compliment one another on the strengths and impact of the poems.