Spring Reading

Yesterday was the first day of spring. While I, like everyone one else, look forward to spring after the darkness and cold of winter, often as the weeks flit by, spring can start to feel like an endurance race. Sports and outdoor activities pick up their pace, and school begins its frenzied wind down to summer. One of the things that can get lost in the onrush of all this activity is family reading time.

Do you read to you kids?

Do you read alongside your kids?

Even if you do so other times of year, be aware spring is a season where family reading time can get lost. So be deliberate about it. Schedule time for it like you would for baseball or track practice.

At the end of the day, gather your kids together and read picture books, short stories, or folktales. Read a novel together, one chapter every night. After the busyness of work, school, and activities, a family reading time provides a peaceful way to relax and reconnect.

Or get comfy and curl up and read your own selections side by side.

Reading refreshes the mind and the spirit. Read, read, read your way into Spring. Be refreshed, like the world waking up outside your windows.

If you’ve been reading to your kids, what are some of your favorite books you can recommend for other families to read.