Imaginary Traveler Pre-Write: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #53

Stretch your “pre-writing” muscles with today’s exercise. Choose an object from the list below or imagine one uniquely your own that might travel or be “carried away”:

  • A bottle in a river or on the ocean
  • A feather or scrap of paper in the wind
  • A small insect or animal on a ship, or in an airplane, or on a truck
  • An object left on a bus, train, or a plane

Web your ideas for the journey this object might take and the ways it would interact with people, animals, or its environment along the way. Do not limit the ideas you put down; this is an idea generating exercise. Remember, you don’t have to use every plot point you come up with. You just want a good selection of ideas to support your story of adventure.

Look over your web and decide how you want your story to start. (Keep going and figure out how you want your story to proceed and end if you want to.) Write the opening paragraphs of this travelogue.

When done, share your web and read what you’ve written with your writing partners or post them here as a comment. Compliment one another on the creativity and twistiness of the plot ideas. Brainstorm more adventures for each other’s webs.

Have fun imagining a tale of wonder, excitement, and adventure.