Nickname/Characterization: Reading Response Exercise #72

Read: for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

Reflect: Think about what you have read. Choose a character from your reading and make up an appropriate nickname for the character.

Write/Discuss the name you chose. Explain why it is a suitable name for the character who inspired it.

Preschool Literacy:

Read a picture book with your preschooler.

Ask your preschooler to pick a character, other than the main character, that he or she enjoyed. Ask him or her to make up a nickname for the character. (Be prepared to explain what a nickname is in case your preschooler does not understand the term.)

Discuss the name your preschooler makes up. Ask what made him or her decide that would be a good name.


2 thoughts on “Nickname/Characterization: Reading Response Exercise #72

  1. Cool idea! I think I should do this for all the characters in my novel. I won’t put them in the story itself, but thinking of what their nicknames could be will help me with characterization.


    1. I’m glad you liked the exercise. I am now trying to imagine the nicknames of the characters you’ve already introduced me to. Hmmm. Care to share?


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