Your Rules Rule: Persuasive Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #52

If you could write several new rules, policies or procedures for home, work or school, what would they be?

Write them out, including your arguments for their implementation. Explain the value of your new rules, how they are fair, and why they should be adopted.

When done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners or share it as a comment. Compliment one another on the strength of your arguments and persuasiveness of your writing.

Preschool Literacy:

Ask your preschooler what he or she thinks should be done differently at school or at home. Write it down. Then ask why he or she would like to see this change made. Put down their reasons in the form of a bulleted list.

When you are done, read back what your preschooler has said, pointing to the words as you say them to reinforce the one to one correspondence between written and spoke word. Consider implementing the proposed change.