An Exploration of Kindness: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #51

“Kindness can become it’s own motive. We are made kind by being kind.” ~Eric Hoffer

  • Do you agree with Mr. Hoffer or disagree?
  • Can you explain the quote or show how what he’s written does or doesn’t work in real life?
  • What is kindness? Is it a motive? Does its practice generate itself?

Respond to this quote in whatever manner you like. Dig deep and share your thoughts.

When done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners or share it as a comment. Compliment one another on the strengths/likes of the prose and for the ways they may have opened your mind to look at kindness in a new way.

Preschool Literacy:

Gather writing implements and paper then sit down with your preschooler and ask “What does it mean to be kind.”

Write down all his or her responses.

When you are done, read back what he or she has said, pointing to the words as you say them to reinforce the one to one correspondence between written and spoke word.

Together go through some stickers, magazines photos and ads, your own photos, or clip art and find illustrations to go with your child’s descriptions.

Make a collage with the words and art and hang it somewhere everyone in the family can enjoy it.


2 thoughts on “An Exploration of Kindness: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #51

  1. I love the lesson here. It’s brilliant. I have a reading this coming Tuesday at a local Library. I think I will follow it up with an exercise like you’ve done here, modified a bit for the larger group. Love your blog!


    1. Thanks so much! I hope all goes well with your reading. I’d love to hear what you decided to do for the exercise and how it went. Thanks for your positive feedback.


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