Literate Lives 2012 Update

At last! I am healthy. The Christmas decorations are put away. I’m ready for tonight’s critique group meeting, and I can actually post this update in a timely manner. (And the sun is shining outside my window—an extra bonus!)

First, I must start with apologies. Back in September I bit off a bit more than I could chew. I have been so excited about developing a Greek and Latin Roots program, that I jumped the gun and thought, “Well, I’ll just finalize each lesson as we go. With two weeks’ time between each new list, it should be a piece of cake.” Hah! What I did not take into consideration are some shifting demands on my time. Therefore, while I will continue to develop the Greek and Latin Roots program, I will not begin posting it until it is complete. I’m so sorry if I got anyone going with it, and my abandonment is an inconvenience.

What can you expect in the coming weeks? A steady stream of writing prompts and reading reflections, more teacher’s file drawer ideas, a continuation of my reading log, updates as things develop with my agent quest and new novel project, and continued opportunities to have your writing professionally critiqued/edited. I love encouraging writers!

I hope this finds you healthy and happy, and steaming forward into the new year. Let this be a year of building a literate lifestyle for ourselves, our children, and our students. Happy reading and writing!