Revising: Tighten your Text/Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #44

Freewrite a page on any topic, any genre, or select a page from something you have recently written but not fully edited and revised.

Count how many words on this particular page. Divide that total by ten.

Now go over the page and cut that number of words from the text. Yes. Cut 10%.

There are sneaky little things you can do like:

  • cross out the words “that” and “then” wherever possible
  • change passive to active voice (instead of, “She was going to the store,” write, “She drove to the store)
  • get rid of unnecessary adjectives or adverbs by using more precise nouns and verbs.

When done, read it to yourself. Can you feel the potency of the words that remain? Is there more power and dynamism to what you have written?

Share your piece (both the before and after) with your writing partners. Compliment one another on the positive changes you have made.