Best Books of September

I finished reading The Singing this month, the fourth and final book in Alison Croggon’s books of Pelinor. I must say, like the others in the series it was my favorite book of the month. So have any of you read any of them yet? What did you think?

I feel guilty for choosing a book from the same series for nearly 4 months in a row so in addition to recommending The Singing, here’s another two books I greatly enjoyed. The first is a mystery set in Victorian England, Silent in the Grave, by Deanna Raybourn. I enjoyed the story’s puzzle, the setting of the novel, the main character, and her eccentric family. It was a mystery where not only was a puzzle solved, but the heroine stretches and grows through the process to emerge a changed person at the end.

The other book I would highly recommend is Randy Alcorn’s 50 Days of Heaven. This is a small book my mom passed on to me when I visited her this summer. It contains 50 meditations on heaven and is cross-referenced with verses of scripture from both the new and old testaments of the Bible that illuminate and expand common ideas about life with God in heaven. It truly enlarged my vision of heaven and left me excited at the prospect of how I will continue to learn and grow after my body has failed me and I’ve breathed my last breath of this life. Alcorn makes heaven sound so good, the book has an afterword reminding readers that there is also purpose for our lives here in this world, and we should not be too eager to help ourselves make the leap to the next. Read 50 Days… and prepare to have your horizons expanded.