Narrative Review of Yesterday: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #43

What was the best thing that happened yesterday? Was it a big deal? Was it a little moment you savored like a sweet taste on your tongue?

Write a narrative account describing your experience of the best thing that happened yesterday.

When done, share what you’ve written with your writing partners. Compliment one another on the strengths in their writing and the little details that make the narrative come alive.

Share your narrative as a comment. Everybody seems to be dealing with a lot of tough stuff recently. Maybe your words can provide a moment of good cheer.

Preschool Literacy:

Get out paper and writing utensils and ask your preschooler what was the best thing that happened to him or her yesterday. As she responds, write down what she says. Ask follow-up questions so you can construct a little story. When you are done, read it back to him, pointing to the words as you say them to reinforce the one to one correspondence between written and spoke word. Together, use felt pens, crayons, stickers, or pictures cut out of magazines to decorate the story. Now post it somewhere your child can enjoy it and bring others to enjoy it with her.