Literary Language Guessing Game and Greek and Latin Roots.

First of all, my apologies. I had intended to launch the Greek and Latin Roots program yesterday, but I got bogged down with a writing project and ran out of time to prepare. However, I do not intend to abandon the idea. Please watch for its launch Thursday, September 29.

Today, however, is Friday, not Thursday, and it’s a writing prompt you are expecting to find here so, read on for Play With Your Words #41.

Pick a noun—person, place, or thing and write a one-paragraph description of it without naming the actual noun. In your description, be sure to use:

  • Some onomatopoeia (words that sound like the sound they describe)
  • A simile (a comparison using the words like or as)
  • Up for a bigger challenge? Include a metaphor as well (a comparison that simply says one thing is the other thus highlighting their similarities)

When you are done, without telling your writing partners what you are describing, read your description. Let them guess what inspired it. Allow each person to share. Compliment the strengths in each other’s writing and the things you liked. Share your description as comment, skipping several lines at the end, before you clue us in to your inspiration,  so we can have fun guessing as well.