Prewrite Goldilocks: A Whole New Tale/Play With Your Words #38

Imagine. What would have happened if Goldilocks had stumbled upon the home of three goats, or three llama, or three squirrels, or three of any other species besides humans or bears?  Think about it for a few minutes. How would this impact the story? What kinds of possessions would she find in the new three’s home? How might she interact with them and the three animals. Now, make a timeline of your new story. Write a brief description of each key event (and if you feel ambitious, draw a quick sketch—who knows? You may end up with a graphic storybook). Now choose one event from your proposed story and write it out as a scene—complete with characters who live and breathe, a rich and detailed setting, and the king of conflict that sucks readers into a story for the long haul. When done, share your scene with your writing companions. Compliment the strengths and originality of each others scenes. Post your timelines (in the form of a list) here on the blog and the scene you wrote with it. I would love to see where your story took you! Have fun!