Setting: Landscape + Atmosphere, Just Add a Character…/Play With Your Words Art Prompt #6

Take a look at the wonderful picture below, courtesy of Jane Kiskaddon.

Isn’t it luscious! Don’t you wish you were there right now?

Well, you can be. Just write yourself into this picture and leave your work-a-day responsibilities behind.

There are several ways you can respond to this painting.

  • You can imagine yourself there and write about the wonderful time you are having or will have.
  • If you are working on a story, enjoy a break from your plot and take your protagonist on a little jaunt to this magical valley. The change of scene might reveal some interesting new aspects of his or her personality. Note, this is information for you. It does not have to show up in the story.
  • Create a story that takes place within this setting. Doesn’t that golden light mesmerize you? Don’t those purple shadows in the woods draw you? For me, this is the kind of place where a magical adventure might happen.

When you are done, share your writing with your writing partners. Compliment each other on the strengths of the writing. Observe how each person has captured the atmosphere of this landscape in their writing.

Share your writing as a comment. I would so love to see where this wonderful painting took you.

More about Ms. Kiskaddon and her artwork.  She writes:

Working from my imagination, I conjure up interesting landscapes, drawing from all the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit (Vietnam, Peru, Egypt and the Australian rain forest). Walking in beautiful Marin and traveling in my Airstream also informs my paintings.

Most of the time I use only five colors… black, white, yellow, orange and purple (once in a while I’ll sneak in a little magenta or blue).  Because these colors have become so familiar to me it’s as if they’re in my blood.

The forgiving nature of acrylic paint (its rapid drying time) allows me the freedom to make quick decisions and run with them. I build up many layers of paint to give the painting a richness and depth.  Reproductions are available.

Ms. Kiskaddon  will be showing her work in Bellevue, WA  this weekend, July 29,30,31.

If you don’t live close enough to view her work in person (which I highly recommend—she has some awesome 3D pieces that even the best computer screen cannot do justice to) visit her website to experience more luscious landscapes of wonder.