Play With Your Words Prompt #38: Writing Fun with Travel Brochures

Are you going on vacation? If so, you may want to collect some travel brochures.

As you are planning your trip, take your kids with you to the travel agency or AAA and pick up travel brochures for your intended destination/s. With your family, go online to your destinations’ travel bureau sites and together consider all your options. Print out photos from places you’d like to go.

Sit down as a family and plan your trip. Have each person select and cut out some pictures from your collection of brochures and printouts. Get out some paper, and tape or paste your pictures on, about two pictures to a page. Then give everyone a pen or pencil and ask each one to write why he selected each picture and what that picture inspires her look forward to on your trip. If you have a preschooler in the family, have someone whoever finishes his own writing first take dictation from her.

Put everyone’s pictures and writing into a binder and take it, along some extra paper, with you on your trip.

After visiting each location, read what was written about it when you were planning your visit and discuss how it met or exceeded your expectations.

Get out a fresh sheet of paper, and ask everyone jot down a favorite memory from that excursion. Place it into the binder along with the original picture and writing.

This provides your family with the opportunity to engage in a variety of literacy activities: putting their thoughts and feelings in writing, evaluating and discussing their opinions about events, engaging in narrative writing from a first person point of view. And it’s all in service of having fun together and building memories!