Kay Snow Writing Contest Results

I am so excited! This news supersedes  my planned post. (Yes I had fun at the Art Fair, picked up more business cards from artists for “Play with Your Words” and visited a few of the artists I featured this past year. The Renn Faire was so fun! I wished I was in costume, watched a tournament, and was assigned a knight to cheer for and imagined what it would be like if I were a young maiden, having to cheer for the knight who is my kinsman when what I really want to do is cheer for the handsome Green Knight. Hmm…)

Back to the big news. This year I am registered  to attend the Willamette Writers Conference and as I was registering, screwed up my courage to enter the  Kay Snow Writing Contest… I’ve never entered a writing contest before. I’ve submitted to publishers, been published, but never got up the courage to try a contest.

Today, I have been informed that the opening chapters of my middle grade fantasy novel, Set in Stone, has taken honorable mention in the “Juvenile Fiction” category. Hooray! Why did I never tried this sooner?

Have you ever entered a writing contest? If so, share what was your experience like? Was it educational or useful to you whether you won or not? What would be your advice to contest entry newbies like myself? I’d love to hear from you.

And wherever your pursuits take you today, I wish you all good tidings, and may the brave knight you are cheering for be yourself!


2 thoughts on “Kay Snow Writing Contest Results

    1. Thanks Pat!
      There’s no offer of publication, however, when I visit with the agents I signed up with at the conference , it won’t hurt to mention it :-)


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