Reading Response Exercise #46: Be a Storyteller (Comprehension)

Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes. When you are done, think about what you have read.

How would you “tell” what you read if you were a storyteller, telling it to an audience? Practice telling the story of what you have read. Remember to provide vivid details so your listeners will be able to relate to and understand the story. Play up the tension in the plot, and use a voice suitable for the genre.

Now find someone to tell your story to. Have fun with it. Capture your listener in your own storytelling spell.

If you are working with a pre-reader, allow him to pick out a book for you read. Read it aloud to her then give the book back and ask her to tell the story to you. Help him to leaf through the pictures in order to better recall the plot. Be a good listener, applaud the main character and your reader’s achievements. Ask a few questions at the end.