Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #37 “I’m Going to the Art Fair!”

This weekend, I will be in creativity heaven. It’s Art Fair time here in Salem. I’m going today and then I’m following it up with a trip to the Canterbury Renaissance Faire in Silverton tomorrow. I’ll be bringing a journal and a camera, of course!

For today’s Play With Your Words prompt, find a picture that intrigues you—you could search the web by topic for  images, select a book or cd cover, use a magazine ad or image, or select a picture from the walls of your own home. However, no family photos allowed. We’re preparing for imaginative writing here.

Look at the picture you selected. Now imagine—kind of like the scene in Mary Poppins when the kids jumped into Bert’s picture—that you can step into that image’s time and space. What would it feel like to be there? What would happen to you in such a place? How would you deal with this new experience? Write a first person narrative account of your adventures in the picture.

When you are done, share your writing with your writing partners. Compliment  each other on the strengths, vivid details, and imaginative quality of the writing. Share your writing here as comment. I’d love to see what you came up with.

If you are working with a preschooler, select a picture together—maybe from a picture book, or from one of the other sources mentioned. Discuss what it would be like to be there, what could happen there, what he or she would like to do there. Try to stretch both your little one’s vocabulary and imagination.