Reading Response Exercise #45: Veracity of Plot

Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes.

Did what you read seem as if it could really have happened? How did the author make it feel that way for you. If what you read seems too unreal to be possible, what kinds of realistic details did the author use to help you connect with the tale.

Write or discuss your response.s

For Pre-readers: Read a picture book together. When done, ask your child if he thinks what happened in the story could really happen. Discuss his response. Discuss what you and she may find to be realistic and unrealistic in the story. You could even make two lists. Remember to read your lists back to your child when done, pointing to each word as you say it to reinforce the one-to-one correspondence between written and spoke word. You and your child could even spend some time illustrating this list with drawings or pictures cut out of magazines.