Play With Your Words Art Prompt #6: Cake Fantasia

On Wednesday, I listed a number of cake sites to inspire families to bake a book cake together. The sites were so much fun, I couldn’t resist using them again today. So, for today’s Play With Your Words Art Prompt, visit one or all of the following sites:

Select a cake that inspires you.

Prepare to write a story about an event at which that cake is served. Think about the following:

  • What is being celebrated?
  • Who is being celebrated?
  • Where is this event taking place?
  • Who is attending this event?
  • How is this event being celebrated?
  • What kinds of conflicts might there be between characters, the setting, intruders, or the weather at the event?
  • What kind of tone do you want your story to have–comic, mysterious, serious, romantic, out-of-this-world?

Now write that story. Have fun. Be as creative as you wish.

When you are done, share your writing with your writing partners. Compliment each other on the strengths and things you like in the writing. Share as comment here. I would love to read your tales.

Working with a preschooler? Browse those sites together. Discuss with your child what she likes about the cakes, who might want a cake like that, what he might want to do with such a cake. Imagine the party where one of those cakes will be served. Encourage your preschooler to expand on his or her answers, and let your imaginations fly.