Play With Your Words Prompt #34: Persuasive Writing/What Should We See at the Movies?

What is the best movie you have seen this year?

Jot down a list of what you think made it so good.

Now, think of someone you know, and write this person a letter telling him or her to go see this movie and explaining why.

Remember, in addition to explaining why one should do something, powerful persuasion takes into account the weakness or drawbacks of what is being advocated. Turn these negatives into positives, or explain how to mitigate the negative effect. In addition, different arguments will work better for different people. Consider the tastes and preferences of your audience and explain why that person would enjoy the film

When you are done, share your letter with your writing group. Point out to each other the parts of each persons letter you found most convincing. Explain one weak area that could be improved.

Share your letter as comment.

We can all enjoy each others recommended faves.