Play With Your Words: Art Prompt #5

Look at the back side of this awesome sculpture by Kathy Ross.

Imagine this is a place.

  • What kind of place would it be?
  • What kinds of rooms do those rambling stairways lead to?
  • What might happen in a space like this?
  • Who would go here, or live here?
  • What brought them to this place?

Think about these questions then create a scene or a short story that takes place in this setting.

When you are done, share your piece with your writing partners or with readers here on the blog. Compliment the strengths in each others’ writing and the words, phrases, and details you enjoy.

For pre-readers, show the child the picture then ask him or her to tell you a story that might take place there. Write down what the child says. When done, read the story back to the child pointing to each word as it is read to reinforce the one-to-one correspondence between the spoken and written word.

Have Fun!

P.S. Here is the front view of the sculpture. It’s called “Tin Head.”

To learn more about Kathy Ross visit her website. And if you’re in the area, check out her studio event on Memorial Day weekend.

Harstine Island Art Studio Show


Kathy Ross, Lillian Morlock, and Susan Holland

KR3d Art Studio (10 E Ballow Rd Ext.)

Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 29, 30


Call or email with questions!

971-247-5954 *