Reading Response #36: Compare and Contrast Settings

Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes. When you are done, think about what you have read.

A Venn diagram can be used for comparing and contrasting. Draw one; it looks like this:

Make sure you have plenty of overlap in the middle section.

Now, choose two settings to compare and contrast. It can be two different settings from your reading, or one setting from your reading and a setting from your own life. Write the names of each setting over the circle that will hold it’s information.

Compare and Contrast the two settings, listing the ways they are the same in the shared central section of your diagram, and the ways they differ in the outer sections. (Remember, setting includes the time, place, and mood of a scene and the details used to depict this.)

When you are done, examine your Venn diagram. What kinds of insights does this enhanced view of setting give you into the characters or story? How did the lives of the “characters” impact their settings?

Write or discuss your response

For Pre-readers: Enjoy the book together. When done, ask your pre-reader how individual aspects of the story’s setting are or are not like where you are together.