Best Book of April

The best book I read this month was Ysabel, by Guy Gavriel Kay, followed by The New Policeman by Kate Thompson.

Ysabel is a fast-paced, contemporary fantasy that had me hooked from the very first pages. Ned is a teen visiting France with his photographer father, who is working on a book about Provence. As his father photographs a cathedral, Ned gets caught up in a grudge that has spanned the centuries as two men, one an ancient Gaul, the other a Greco-Roman, battle once again for the woman they love and the civilizations they represent. This time, Ned’s father’s assistant gets sucked into the vendetta, and Ned and his dad have just days to save her. In the process of trying to doing so, Ned discovers secrets from his family’s past and abilities he never knew he possessed.

Ysabel is one of those books I stayed up way too late each night reading. And while contemporary settings are not usually my cup of tea, in this case it did not inhibit my full buy-in and pleasure with the thrill ride that was Ysabel.

April must have been my month for contemporary settings, because The New Policeman is also a contemporary fantasy, this time set in Ireland. JJ, a gifted musician tries to give his Mom what she wants for her birthday–more time. In doing so, he discovers time is leaking out of our world into the land of faerie. The novel chronicles his confrontation with his family’s history, and discoveries about the music he loves and the cause of the leak. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling with JJ through this fantasy, family novel.

What is your favorite book you read this month? Post the title and brief description as a comment. Who knows how many others might enjoy it as well?