Play with Your Words Writing Prompt #28: Playing with Point of View

Have you ever showed up for a group activity—maybe a club meeting, athletic practice or competition, or a class—only to find your group’s leader was unable to be present and had sent an inexperienced substitute? The outcome of such an event  may have ranged from frustrating, to wonderful. No matter how it ended up, it’s likely things didn’t turn out the way you expected.

Now, put yourself in the shoes of that inexperienced leader.

Write a scene, either from memory or made up, from the point of view of an inexperienced, substitute leader.  Use first person point of view (that’s the poor sub telling the story using the terms I, me, my… to refer to self).

Your creations can adapt any tone you choose from humorous to heartbreaking. Just be sure to present them to us from the perspective of your hapless leader.

When done, share your scenes with your writing companions, or as a comment here on the blog. I’d love to see what the scenarios that played out in your situations. Enjoy exploring your life and experiences from inside someone else’s heart and head.