Reading Response #30–Extend and Connect: “I felt _____ because…”

Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes. When you are done, think about what you have read.

Choose three words from the following list:

  • bored
  • concerned
  • confused
  • excited
  • happy
  • intrigued
  • relieved
  • sad

Reflecting on what you read write out the following sentence filling in the blank with the first word you selected and filling in the ellipses with your thoughts on your reading: I felt ___ when…because….

Repeat the exercise using the second and then the third word you picked.

Choose one of your sentences and write three more to go with it expanding on your thoughts.

Discuss your response.

For Pre-readers: After enjoying a book together, ask your pre-reader what part of the story made him  feel happy, sad, excited, or whatever other category for reflection seems appropriate to the story. Talk about why it made her feel that way. Help him relate the some of the character’s experiences to his own life. Enjoy!