Play With Your Words Art Prompt #4: Midnight Chicken

Whose chicken is this and what is she doing out on her own in the night?

Write a story or scene to accompany this painting, “Midnight Chicken,” by Liz Collins.

Does she possess an odd quirk of character that sends her out exploring alone by moonlight? How will her little expedition end?

Share your chicken story with your writing partners. Compliment the strengths and whatever delights you in each others’ creations.

If you are working with a pre-reader/writer, ask the child to tell you the story and record what he says. Then read it back to her, pointing to each word as you read to reinforce the correspondence between the written and spoken word.

Share your writing here as a comment. I would love to see your chicken tale.

And if you are interested in seeing more of the wonderful art created by Liz Collins, check out her webpage,, and enjoy her whimsical, multi-media work.