Play With Your Words Prompt #26: Time, Place, Mood, Story

Choose one word from each word-group below.


  • sunrise or sunset
  • day or night
  • now, ten years ago, fifty years ago, 100 years ago, 500 years ago, 3,000 years ago, once upon a time


  • Mountains, beach, valley, meadow, canyon, forest, marshland, or desert
  • Wilderness, town, or city
  • Another planet or another world


  • happy
  • excited
  • stressed
  • hurt
  • hopeful
  • peaceful
  • furious
  • curious
  • despairing


  • What can happen in such a time and place as you have selected?
  • How would the mood you have selected impact a story?

Now craft a story or scene inspired by your choices. The mood can be cast by the environment or by the issues in the characters’ hearts, either way it will impact the narrator’s perspective on the environment.

When you are done, share your stories with each other. Compliment each other on the strengths of your writing, or the turns of phrase or images you enjoy.

Please feel free to share your story or scene as a comment. Above all, have fun writing!