Best Book of February 2011

Another month has passed. I am very behind in my writing and organizational goals. The month has included lots of unplanned events. (I spent the first two weeks of February at my Mom’s in California, then ten more days in the second half of the month.) Not much writing or revising got done, nor any cooking or cleaning. However, two train trips and two flights provided lots of time to read. (Alas, even still, I’m woefully behind with my periodicals.)

So, with all my to-ing and fro-ing, what was my favorite of the books I read this month?

It remains The Book Thief, by Markus Zusak. I blogged about it’s impact on me in the Feb. 23 post, “Beauty and Fragility: The Intersection of Life and Literature.” In addition to its unique narrator, beautiful prose, and thought-provoking content, I really appreciated the glimpse the novel provided into the lives of Germans in Nazi Germany during World War II. I was deeply moved by the characters—just common people caught in a nightmare. It is a powerful novel (categorized as Young Adult). I highly recommend it.