Play With Your Words Prompt #24 Which Would You Rather Be? Persuasive Writing

Which would you rather be a fish or a bird? Breakfast or dinner? A novel or a film?

Pick one of the above questions or create your own combination of items to compare.

Prewrite:  List the pros and cons of either option.

Choose which of the two options you would rather be.

Write a three paragraph persuasive essay explaining which of the two options you would rather be and the reasons for your choice. Try to convince your reader that the option you have championed is the best.

When you’re done, share your writing with each other. Point out the strengths of each other’s writing. Post your response as a comment here on the site.

If you are working with a preschooler, ask the child which he or she would rather be and discuss why. Think up some pairings that would appeal to a small child’s interests. Have a real conversation together. Share your thoughts and ideas in response to the child’s.

Have fun!

P.S. Another comment option: share our own pairs of things to consider for this writing question.