Play With Your Words Prompt #22 Let Your Imagination Take Flight!

Have you ever been at the top of a tall, tall building and looked down into the streets below? Or maybe you’ve stood atop a high cliff and peered down into the valley. The view you get from a place like this is called a “bird’s eye view.”

Imagine a setting; it could be a busy cityscape, the highest tower of a cliff-top castle, a hover-port above a moon base, or a steep mountainside overlooking a green valley.

Describe the setting you see before you. What does the landscape look like? What do the buildings and rooftops look like? Are there streets, rivers, parks? What do the people look like? What kinds of animals can you see? And how do they all look from above?

Write a bird’s eye description of this place. Consider not just what you see, but how it feels to be looking down from your vantage point. What does the air smell like, taste like? What do you hear? Make it so vivid your reader can feel as thought he or she is there.