Play With Your Words # 19: Catch a Memory–Narrative Prompt

December 31, New Year’s Eve, is a time for looking back over the past year. But this 31st, don’t  just look back over the year, take a little time to record your favorite memory (or memories) from 2010.

Do this in the form of a first person narrative. (That means you will need to use the word “I” to refer to yourself as the narrator.) This is a form of writing used by memoirists and writers of autobiographies.

Tell the whole story of the memory you have chosen, recounting not just the events, but the full sensory experience. Reference anything you might have seen, heard, tasted, smelled or touched during the experience. Use your words to sketch in the details of the place this memory occurred. Savor the memory to the fullest and then capture it for your future delight.

Share your writing. Compliment the strengths in each other’s writing.

For parents and teachers of preschoolers, ask the child to tell you about a favorite memory and write down what he or she says. Read it back to the child when done pointing to each word as you say it to reinforce the connection between the written and spoken word.