Yesterday I reached page 129 out of my goal of reaching page 175.

I promised to share my main mission in this revision of this novel, and then last week on the day I intended to do it, forgot! Oops. In my defense, I was very busy revising.

So, what am I trying to accomplish in this revis-a-thon?

First and foremost: KILL ALL TELLING!  This includes: backstory and flashbacks, pure explanation, explanation of character motives, telling in dialogue, sneaky telling, showing and telling the same thing, and telling in internal monologue.

My objective is for my writing to be cinematic—visual, audible, and sensory through action, setting and dialogue.

I am also working on developing my subplot, which has meant writing new scenes, especially scenes that explain by showing the relationships between the key characters.

I have changed some characters’ names.

I am finally making some vocabulary selections on which I had been waffling.

I am making certain all scenes start with the establishment of setting so the characters are “acting” in empty space.

For my indoor scenes in particular, I am trying to do a better job of detailing the interiors.

I am slowing down the front end of the story because I had rushed it, originally, in my eagerness to get to act two and the climax.

And last, challenge of all challenges, I am trying to let my main character be more flawed. I have my own issues with flaws and imperfections that have led me to fear my flawed character might be unlovable. So I’m trying to screw up my courage and get real.

What kinds of things do you find you need to revise for?