Play With Your Words Poetry Prompt #6: Patterned Poem

I love Christmas time, the lights, the decorations, and the music.

Many songs sung this time of year are built on a pattern, among them–The Twelve Days of Christmas, Do You Hear What I Hear, Walking in a Winter Wonderland—that involves the repetition of words and phrases as part of the organization of the poem.

Write a poem that plays off the pattern of a poem or song you like (It doesn’t have to be a holiday song). Use the built-in repetitions of the model poem or song to establish the organizational framework for your poem.

You can adopt any tone you want. Give your poem a humorous twist, or make it a reflection of your heart.

If you are writing with family or friends, share your poems. Praise one another for what is moving, amusing, or powerful in your writing.

And please post your masterpieces here. I look forward to reading them!


2 thoughts on “Play With Your Words Poetry Prompt #6: Patterned Poem

  1. Hello Ma’am!
    I just encountered your blog today. I wrote the following sonnet as a “reply sonnet” (in the same style) of William Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18 (“Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer’s Day?”).

    The sonnet I wrote is titled “Thou Art Much More Than A Summer’s Day” ”

    “Comparing thy beauty to a summer’s day,
    Would be an underestimation of thy worth,
    Stating thy beauty would be another cliché,
    Of the numerous that exist on this Earth.
    Thou art much more like a rare flower in bloom,
    Amongst the monotone of the snow,
    More still, like the touch of the flume,
    Soft and spreading like water you flow.
    Your beauty is unmatched and supreme,
    Your words and thoughts are kind and warm,
    You are, as if, a floating dream,
    And you will, with this sonnet, never change your form.
    Thou art a generous gift to my eyes,
    And I pray that thy beauty never demise.”

    Thank you!


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