The Best Books of October

Incredible! October is nearly over. Much of it has been a pretty, golden month, and way too much of it I have spent reading and playing. (Sometimes being sick is not such a bad thing!)

Now, it is time for me and you, my readers, to share your favorite, or your child’s favorite, read from this month.

The book I enjoyed most this October was Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Crossing to Paradise. Gatty, who has worked in the fields of Sir John’s manor all her life, is given the opportunity to serve as lady’s maid to Lady Gwyneth of Ewloe, and soon finds herself leaving all she has ever known to accompany her lady on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Gatty, Lady Gwyneth, and seven companions traverse Europe learning to navigate not only the difficult and unfamiliar cultures and terrain, but also the experiences and relationships that develop along the way. I really enjoyed this book and I think middle school, high school, and adult readers will as well.

What reading journey meant the most to you this month?