Play with Your Words Writing Prompt # 13 Pick a Name Matey!

Hi! Sorry for the long silence. I am functional at last, after sandwiching a cold between a writing retreat and one day conference, I am at last getting back into a weekly routine.

So, today is “Play with Your Words” day, Play with Your Words Writing Prompt # 13.

During the first year or so after I began teaching, my son and I planned for his October birthday and he chose a pirate theme.

At the party store we bought pirate plates, cups, cake decorations, and pirate napkins. Being a teacher of language arts, I could not resist incorporating these napkins in a writing exercise I did with my students, and so today I share it with you.

Observe: The pirate napkin (Copyrighted by Converting, Inc, 2001, and based on the book “Everything I know About Pirates, by Tom Lichtenheld , published by Simon and Schuster 2000.)

Following the directions on the napkin, select one word from each column to create a pirate name.

Now, describe this pirate. What does he or she look like? What’s his or her personality like? What does he or she love or hate? What are some of his or her quirks or mannerisms? What is his or her favorite food? Color? Activity? thing to do?

If you’re really feeling inspired, write a scene for your pirate.

Then, of course share. Enjoy each others’ pirate names and descriptions. Praise the strengths you see in each other’s writing, and help each other see how to learn and grow their writing skills.