Some Thoughts on Creativity

Loving to read as I do, I sometimes get oversubscribed to magazines. I try to read every magazine for each month that month. If I can’t, however, I don’t throw it away. Instead I toss it into a pile and try to get to it eventually. That’s how I ended up reading an article about Creativity, “Who Me, Creative,” by Jane Rubietta (Today’s Christian Woman, March/April 2007, taken from her book, Resting Place)).

I am very interested in the nature and characteristics of creativity. After all, that’s what fuels my own call to write. A few points Rubietta makes are worth sharing.

First, she identifies creativity as a quality that is expressed by using old things in new ways, and asserts it is a trait all people possess to some degree. “Resourcefulness, ingenuity, and inventiveness” (Rubietta 33) are all characteristics of creativity.

And, yes, she acknowledges, creativity can be employed in the crafting of works of art, but you don’t have to be a professional artist, musician, or author to exercise it. The creativity it takes to put your thoughts into words and write a letter of encouragement to a friend can be more uplifting to his or her spirit than the finest novel.

The degree of creativity we exercise impacts how we handle our lives, how we deal with limitations, and how we rebuild after setbacks. Creativity can make a budget work better or the performance of a task more productive.

Rubietta writes, “So much of creativity is choosing to look for—and celebrate—life in the midst of what feels like death. Attitude converts limitations into actions and creativity.” And, she observes, “the deeper our need or the more desperate we are, the more creative we tend to be” (Rubietta 34)

Practice creativity in your life. Look at familiar situations with new eyes. Ask “What if?” That question was the beginning of Set in Stone, a middle grade novel for which I am now seeking publication. It’s also how I’m going to deal with my double-paned French door that’s become all fogged up between the glass. What can you apply a little creativity to today?


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