New Day for Writing Prompts

Starting next week, writing prompts will be posted on Fridays, shifting the Literate Lives blog schedule to a Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday configuration.

Reading Response posts will continue to appear on Sundays, so that parents and teachers who wish to use them that week with their kids will have a new one available at the beginning of each week.

Monday will be a writing blog day, where I will touch on various aspects of writing ranging from writing for yourself, school, and publication.

Wednesdays will be reading days. These posts will focus on reading for both pleasure and information.

The first Monday or Wednesday of each month will still feature a Teacher’s File Drawer post—an assignment that can be adapted for school, home, or homeschool to further develop young peoples’ language arts skills.

The first Friday will be the new day for each month’s poetry prompt.

The third Friday will be the day for art-based writing prompts. (Didn’t you just love Christopher Bibby’s painting featured a week ago! He has so many cool paintings on his site. If I didn’t have so many other business cards for artists I met this summer, I could just feature him for a year!)

The last Monday or Wednesday of each month will continue to be “Favorite Book of the Month” day. I will probably continue to have trouble narrowing my reading down to one favorite book. And please, I so want you to contribute your favorites and those of your kids. My hope is to build up a resource to help people to find excellent books to read themselves or to share with children of any age. So…it’s coming up soon. I’m counting on your contributions.