Teacher’s File Drawer—Business Card Project

Since I am working on a business card of my own, I couldn’t resist starting “Teacher’s File Drawer” with this project.

The Let Me Introduce Myself: “Business” Card Project is an assignment designed to help you get to know your students, your students get to know each other, and your students to develop self-awareness and express it through a mix of modalities (written, visual, and verbal).

For this project, your students will design a business card (my students used the blank side of an index card for this portion of the project, however, a business card software program could introduce an element of technology into your project, however it will be in exchange for the hands on nature of drawing, cutting, and pasting involved in the index card version). When the cards are complete, the students give a speech introducing themselves and their cards, and explaining what they put on their card and their reasons for including each item.

Business Card Sample

Business Card Criteria

1) Each student must create a business card that includes:

  • Student’s name in student’s favorite font
  • An address which is not where the student actually lives, but where he or she lives mentally
  • A listing of activities the student enjoys (3 minimum)
  • A one sentence slogan that fits your student’s philosophy of life.
  • A picture that depicts a personal symbol that is particularly meaningful to the student
  • A border that utilizes one of the student’s favorite colors.

2) Each student should prepare a speech introducing him or herself and explaining the reason each item appears as it does on his or her card.

Scoring the Business Card:

  • Name + font (1 point)
  • Mental address (2)
  • Minimum of 3 activities enjoyed (3)
  • Slogan (2)
  • Favorite Color + border (1)
  • Personal Symbol (1)
  • Neatness/effort/creativity (2)
  •           Total Possible: 12 Points

Scoring the Speech:

  • Ideas and Content (3 points)
  • Organization (3)
  • Word Choice (3)
  • Delivery (3)

Total Possible: 12 Points

These were one of my favorite student projects. I hope you have fun trying this out with your kids.