Read All Day!

This is the blog post I should have written for Monday, but if you read on, you’ll see why I didn’t.

Saturday, I arrived home after visiting friends and family in California. My son and I drove down (twelve hours on the road) and drove all over while visiting. Therefore, when we got home, I was tired!

We went to church Saturday night, and so Sunday the whole day was free to really and truly be a day of rest. How did I rest? I read. All day. I finished a book I had been only 18 pages into when I woke up Sunday morning, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Can you remember the last time you let yourself real all day or you allowed your book-loving child to do so?

Can you remember school days when your nose was too runny and your cough too fierce for you to go to school, but you weren’t too sick to snuggle up in bed and read a book in a day?

I know in our nation at this time we are concerned about whether our children are getting enough physical activity. However, school will soon start, if it hasn’t for your family already, and wouldn’t it be nice to let your little book lovers indulge in a whole day of reading just what they want to?

How about embarking on a read-all-day family picnic? Pack a yummy lunch, soft blankets (maybe even a pillow or two), your favorite camping chairs and a stack of books, and head out to a place you love for a day of reading and relaxation.

I realize for some people what I am describing sounds more like a horror movie than a day of luxurious indulgence. However, if you or your children are introverts or book lovers or both, a quiet day with nose-in-book, could be just the refreshment needed before embarking on another busy school year.