Speaking of…Speaking

It’s funny. in the process of earning my master’s degree, I was required to research a topic and do a half hour presentation to what was promoted as “a large audience of leaders in education” in lieu of the usual research paper. Believe me, I would have gladly hunched over my keyboard for a week straight and delivered my educational gleanings in the form of ink on paper any day!

As chairwoman of the Christian Education Committee, the first time I had to deliver a presentation to the congregation, my knees and voice shook so violently, my daughter feared I was going to embarrass the whole family by collapsing into the lap of the assistant pastor who was seated just behind me.

Thankfully, those days of fearing public speaking are long behind me, and I am eager to share my love of reading, writing, and the literate lifestyle, and my commitment to family literacy with anyone who wants to listen.

I would love to talk to your group. One of the things I enjoy doing most is encouraging writers and readers of any age. Therefore, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Literate Lives: Speaking of… page.

Please check it out. I have developed talks for student writers, both classroom and homeschool groups, topics for parents and educators, and topics for fiction writers. In addition, I have prepared presentations and “try-it-out-for-yourself” workshops. I would be happy to visit your school, classroom, homeschool group, literacy night for parents, church, community group, or library!

I love to read and write, and I would love to help others embrace the reading/writing lifestyle that has so enriched my life.