Literate Lives: Wordshop Editorial Services

One of the things I’ve missed most since I left teaching is encouraging students in developing their writing skills. It is that passion that led to the creation of this blog, and now, after having had a chance to edit and critique a friend’s manuscript, it is the reason I am launching Literate Lives: Wordshop Editorial Services.

I will be offering two levels of service. The first is a simple copyedit where I will correct incorrect grammar, punctuation, and spelling, check for consistency in the spelling of names, places, etc, and point out logic errors and inconsistencies. A style sheet will be provided with the return of the manuscript.

The second level of service will include everything the first level includes. However, in addition to simple corrections, I will offer suggestions, critique weaknesses, and highlight and applaud the strengths in the writing. A style sheet plus editorial letter will be provided with the return of the manuscript.

If you have a short story or novel you have been working on and are feeling you’ve reached the point you could use some outside feedback, I would be honored if you would entrust your project to me. I love to encourage writers. Let me help and encourage you.