Summer Evening Read-Aloud

You don’t have to go camping to enjoy a good book with your family in the great outdoors. Take advantage of the beautiful summer evenings and begin a peaceful ritual that builds togetherness, provides pleasurable entertainment, and invests in both a love of reading and an increase in reading skills for your child.

In short, take a blanket and a book out to your lawn (or with you to a local park), kick off your shoes, and you and the kids get comfortable for a great read-aloud. You don’t even have to do all the reading. Pass the book around and let everyone have a chance at both the reading, and relaxing and enjoying.

Although it may not seem so, listening to literature read aloud is a great means for building kids’ literacy skills and is something teachers often don’t have the time for in test-driven schools. It gives children the opportunity to practice visualizing what is read. It allows them to enjoy the story without what for some might be a good deal of labor. It provides practice at following a plot line, connecting cause and effect. And it helps build your child’s vocabulary.

Furthermore, if you vary your fare, it can introduce kids to a variety of genres. It has been my experience that sometimes reluctant readers are not truly reluctant at all, but merely haven’t found their genre yet, and when they do, just watch them soar!

So grab that book and that blanket, and enjoy some family time outdoors.