Questions to Consider When Selecting Art for Writing Prompts

I had such a great time at the art fair last week. I walked up and down every aisle and peered into every booth. And for once, in addition to being there to feast my eyes, I was also on a mission to seek and find…art, for you.

As I looked at each artist’s creations my questions moved beyond “Do I like this? Why or why not?”

Instead I was admiring things like the sweep of energy in a piece. I was looking for characters young people might find interesting to write about, situations that might stimulate their imaginations, environments that could frame a flight of fiction, or artifacts that could reflect on the kind of person or creature that would use them or the circumstances in which they would be employed.

It was so fun!

Although the first artist I spoke to turned me down flat when I asked if she would be interested in having her art appear as a writing prompt to stimulate literacy in the home, (and it took me two rows of booths to get my courage up to even ask again!) everyone I finally spoke to was enthusiastic. Many of the artists possessed a strong commitment to young people and literacy. One said yes because he “had been a kid once.”

In all, I collected enough contacts to feature an art prompt every month, maybe twice a month if you, my readers show interest.

So, happy reading and writing! We’re going to have some fun!