Writing With My Granddaughter

       I had a great time at the art fair and have much to report, but not today.

My two-almost three-year-old granddaughter spent the night last night and we’ve been too busy having fun. (She’s napping right now, but since it’s not at home in her own room, I’m not so sure how long it will last. )

We’ve had a good time–making Valentine birds (a favorite activity ever since I sent her the pieces to make some for Valentine’s day), reading, doing puzzles, making oatmeal cookie bars, and writing. Yes, I said writing.

As you can see, we engaged in a fun pre-writing activity. (In this case not a planning to write activity, but an activity for young people who do not yet know how to read and write–preschoolers–like my granddaughter.)

What you do is cut out a shape, in silhouette, from colored paper. Make it large enough for you to write a couple of sentences on. Then ask your preschooler what she would like to say about your subject and write her words down as she speaks them.

You should have seen how fascinated Grace was to see what she had to say about pinecones appearing in print as she spoke. When done, of course, read your preschooler’s words back to her, let her decorate the shape, or tell you more. It’s a great way for young people to experience the way words and writing reflect what they may think and say.

Grace just got back from the family trip to Yosemite. I have a tall ponderosa pine tree waiting for us to record her vacation memories after she wakes up :-)