Art Fair Scavenger Hunt

The Salem Art Fair opens on Friday. I’ve had it marked on the calendar for the last two months. I love the art fair. However, I do not love dragging bored kids through the art fair. So if you have kids and you love art fairs, here’s an idea that might make it fun for all.

Check out your art fair in advance. Usually they are promoted in local papers and many have their own websites. Find out what kinds of artwork will be on display. Then make a scavenger hunt list for your kids (maybe make each unique by not putting all the same items on each list).

You can have your kids hunt for things by medium—watercolor, pastels, stained glass… In addition you can have them hunt for objects—a ceramic mug, a picture of a forest, a beaded necklace…  And you can even focus on colors and taste—something red, something blue, your favorite picture, your favorite yard ornament.

If your kids have cameras, or if you want to invest in disposable cameras for each, they can snap pictures of each item as you tour the fair. But even without cameras, they can check each item off their list and mark down the booth number and artist’s name.

For an extra bonus, once you’ve viewed the entire fair, let each child return to his or her favorite piece of artwork. Have them look at it a second time, write a description of it and a paragraph explaining why they liked it so much. Then go buy an ice cream or a slushy, sit down in the shade, and ask them to share their responses. Be sure to praise a good description or well-turned phrase.

You can even participate in the hunt, too and share your own response with your family. It makes for a day of art appreciation, family fun, and building of writing skills. It’s a great three-in-one.