Writing Prompts

Since I did not provide a prose writing prompt this week I thought I’d check on a couple of websites I’d read about that provide writing prompts and see if they might be of interest to you.

One of the cool things I’ve discovered about blogging is that it encourages me to think of you as I am going through my days. When I read something interesting I think, I wonder if my readers would like to know about this? I read magazines with a highlighter in hand, and you should see how dog-eared the pages are by the time I finish with them.

Anyway, last month Writer’s Digest  did an article, “101 Best Websites for Writers,” and I noticed these two sites listed that provide writing prompts.

Creative Writing Prompts, by Shery Ma Belle Arriety-Russ. has 346 prompts on the site. You navigate by just holding the cursor over the number on the home page and the prompt pops up in a box. Prompts range from situational, to lists of words you must use in your writing exercise, to descriptive exercises. Russ also provides links to her “The Journaling Life” website where, amongst other things, you can order her journaling books.

easy street prompts” began as a site to supplement author, Monda’s creative writing classes. Each day on “easy street prompts” you can find a visual (photograph or sometimes video) or random words writing prompt. On the homepage today, she was up to 835th prompt—“x-rayed”. In addition to using her prompts and sharing your results as comments, you may submit one piece of work each month to the ‘easy street blog carnival” where it will be considered for publication in their web magazine, Block Party.