What’s Your Favorite Book You Read This Month?

At the end of each month, I think it would be a lot of fun if we could share our favorite book we’ve read in the past thirty days. For me it is several books (oops! I ignored my own instructions already), but they sort of qualify as one book. I am reading Peter Tremayne’s Sister Fidelma “Mysteries of Ancient Ireland” and am really enjoying them.

At present I am working on revisions of a young adult novel set in medieval Ireland (8th Century to be precise) and so I’ve been indulging in a Sister Fidelma mystery (set in 7th Century Ireland) between every other book I read in order to help keep my brain in Dark Age Ireland, which actually was a rather enlightened place.

Fidelma is a smart, educated, independent woman who works within the medieval Irish legal system hearing pleas, and investigating and determining guilt in crimes. She takes the reader along with her from place to place in her novels as she is sent to fulfill her legal responsibilities. In one novel, she can be found in Rome! She is a sharp-witted and enjoyable companion. I recommend you give her a try.

So, what was your fave this month? Just use the comment box to write in the title and author’s name, maybe tell us the genre and a hint about the plot. There’s “So many books and so little time!” I’m looking forward to hearing about what you read.