Preserving Family Memories

My daughter started a blog about two months ago. She sent me the link and I read her posts and saved the link in my favorites. However, I forgot the name of the link. I kept looking in my favorites for her family’s last name because, after all, the blog was about sharing family news and preserving memories of their life together.

After emailing my daughter and confessing I had misplaced the link (and therefore had not read her blog for a while), I located the link, clicked on it, and enjoyed a delightful half hour of reading.

The little stories she shares about my grandchildren and the small details of their days were a delight. My Grace, two and a half years old, loves to sing and narrates her days in song, even moments like wanting to change from sandals to shoes because the grass keeps prickling her feet.

My daughter shared her joys and concerns about her life as a mother and I wanted to just crawl through my monitor and embrace her right then and tell her how proud I am of her.

Have you considered keeping a family blog? Do you have relatives and friends who live far away that you would like to share your lives with? Do you need a place to just quickly jot down those delightful details of your family life? Do you, unlike my daughter, have kids who can write and add in their memories, feelings, and perspectives to the “family record.” Updating the family blog could be a good way to maintain writing skills over the summer.

Now could be a good time to start one. Then let your loved one’s know they’re in for a treat. Happy blogging!